RAW Mission

Sisters of the Sahara

January 19, 2024 Frontiers UK Episode 54
RAW Mission
Sisters of the Sahara
Show Notes

In this episode we meet Naomi, a young Brit who has dedicated her life to sharing Jesus with Muslims in Africa.

What happens when a friend's roof is blown off in storm? Will God provide? Should Naomi give her the money for it? How should she deal with bats living in her bathroom?!
How did some of the new believers from a Muslim background show Naomi what it really means to obey and boldly live out the teachings of Jesus in their context? How should she deal with some of the men in the neighbourhood catcalling and harrassing her?

You'll certainly be inspired and challenged as you listen to Naomi's experiences of life in the desert.

“If God calls you to be a missionary, don’t stoop to become a king.” (Jordan Grooms)


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