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The Iranian Church (An Inside Story)

December 02, 2023 Frontiers UK Episode 52
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The Iranian Church (An Inside Story)
Show Notes

44 years ago there were only a few hundred believers in Iran from a Muslim  background. Now the number is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands!

Iranians (or Persians) are coming to Christ in amazing ways all over the world - not only in diaspora communities, but also inside the deeply conservative Islamic Republic, in spite of the country's strict laws against owning a Farsi bible and sharing the Christian faith with others.

Often Christian leaders have been arrested, interrogated, and imprisoned in the nation’s notorious Evin prison. And our guest in this episode is one of them.

Mojtaba Hosseini has a remarkable story of coming to faith in Iran as a young man, along with some of his family members. His underground church was raided twice by officers from the intelligence services. He was arrested and spent several years in jail.

Persecution and suffering are often part of the story of the emerging church in places hostile to the good news of Jesus. But so are perseverance and mighty works of God. This is one of those stories.


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