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Meeting My Husband’s Killer

October 27, 2023 Frontiers UK Episode 50
RAW Mission
Meeting My Husband’s Killer
Show Notes

Emily’s husband, Stephen, had given her a well-read copy of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs on their first date. And a few years later, while they were serving in Northern Africa, he was shot and killed by Al Qaeda terrorists.

In this episode Emily shares some of her story, describing the love and mission that God had given both her and Stephen for the people of that part of the world, the tragic loss she and kids experienced when Stephen was killed, and her experience of and trust in the ongoing grace and goodness of God.

You’ll hear what happened when, a few years later, while working with a medical team in one of the local prisons, she met the man who had murdered Stephen.

To find out more, do get a copy of her book:
We Died Before We Came Here, by Emily Foreman.


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