RAW Mission

Living in the Slums of West Africa

September 28, 2023 Frontiers UK Episode 48
RAW Mission
Living in the Slums of West Africa
Show Notes

Although we at Frontiers believe that Jesus is worth risking everything we have: our comforts, our hobbies, our wealth, our careers, our reputations and even our lives – we also are strong believers in supporting our workers on the field well and helping them to navigate the traumas, conflicts or disappointments they might face. 

In this episode Matt chats with Harriet who heads the Member Care team at the British office. She and her husband lived in West Africa for many years and raised their 3 kids there, so she knows what it’s like to serve overseas in tough places.

They discuss living with the poor (without running water and electricity), sharing a home with locals, dealing with cockroaches and mosquitos, a camel that smashed into their car, driving into a ditch at night… and much more.


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