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The Celtic Way: Learning from Missionary Monks

June 29, 2023 Frontiers UK Episode 44
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The Celtic Way: Learning from Missionary Monks
Show Notes

What can we learn from the early Celtic Christian saints who brought the gospel to Scotland and Northern England: St. Patrick, St. Aidan, St. Columba & St. Cuthbert?

These were the wandering & worshipping monks & missionaries, the peregrine pilgrims, devoted to prayer, justice and sharing the good news amongst the pagan tribes.

And what about the Early Church Fathers & Mothers or the Nestorians who travelled deep into Asia?

Matthew Burden, our guest in this episode, is the author of a fascinating new book called Missionary Motivations: Challenges from the Early Church. He grew up in Brazil, spent time in Africa and now pastors a church in Maine, USA.

We discuss the attractional nature of the Desert Fathers, inaugurated eschatology, Christus Victor & much more!


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To hear a brand new uncut, unplugged album, written and sung in caves, mountains and on beaches over the last few weeks while on a Celtic Pilgrimage from Iona to Holy Island (with 247-Prayer's Pete Greig,) check out Rich Dawson's Pilgrim Songs here on Spotify or wherever you listen to music online.

To follow their journey and to access a 21 day devotional about the Celtic missionary monks, check out the Lectio365 app (11th June - 2nd July).


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