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Refugees & Riots in Greece

April 20, 2023 Frontiers UK Episode 39
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Refugees & Riots in Greece
Show Notes

In this episode Matt talks to Ben, who is currently studying at London School of Theology.

He spent his childhood years in Mauritania, Mali and Sudan, before moving up to the North of England.

And a few years ago, aged only 19, he spent 9 months on the Greek Island of Lesbos, working in the infamous Moria Refugee Camp with a group called Eurorelief.

Moria was the largest refugee camp in Europe until it was burned down in September 2020. It was called the worst refugee camp on earth by one MSF worker when interviewed on BBC, and others referred to it as an open-air prison and even a concentration camp

Ben shares about the challenges of being a volunteer there, of facing intimidation and outbreaks of violence. But he also shares how following Jesus often means going to tough places, enduring hardship and how the Scriptures give us very clear direction about how we should care for refugees.

Learn more about the work of Eurorelief here.
Visit here for more about London School of Theology.
To get your church involved with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, check out Welcome Churches.


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