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A Jew to Muslims: Storytelling on the Frontiers (Part 2)

April 14, 2022 Frontiers UK Episode 16
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A Jew to Muslims: Storytelling on the Frontiers (Part 2)
Show Notes

In this episode we pick up where we left off from last week's interview with Martin Goldsmith. 

Martin talks about the importance of storytelling and how parables can be reframed for an Islamic context.

He also talks about an occasion when some young men threw stones at him for talking about Jesus!

We discuss colonialism, slavery, gender stereotypes in other cultures and whether it's appropriate to use the name Allah when talking about the God of the Bible.

Martin Goldsmith is something of a legend in the UK, as an author, speaker and long-term missionary in South-East Asia. Now 87 years old, he has been married for 60 years. 

He has spent his life studying & teaching God’s word and sharing the good news with people from all over the world. He is a brilliant storyteller and has a cheeky sense of humour!


See also Martin & Elizabeth's many books, including:
Beyond Beards & Burqas
God Can Be Trusted


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